Debit/ATM Card Alerts

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Debit/ATM Card Alerts

Debit/ATM Card Alerts is a FREE service that generates an alert based on card activity (not account activity). Card Alerts can be sent to an email address or as a text message or both. In all cases, alerts will only be sent to you when the transaction exceeds the minimum amount you establish. If you do not establish a minimum amount, the default minimum amount is $0.00. If the minimum is left at $0.00, you will be alerted on all transactions for that type of alert.

If you would like to sign up for Card Alerts, please contact (708) 478-4447. You will need to supply your card number, email and/or mobile phone number. You will also be asked which alerts you would like to receive as well as a minimum transaction amount.

You can request the following types of Card Alerts be sent to your email address and/or mobile device when the specific card activity occurs:

Signature Alerts
Signature alerts are sent when you do NOT use your PIN for your debit card transaction at a merchant. These alerts are sent to you when the merchant initially processes a transaction using your debit card. Some merchants, such as restaurants, card rental agencies, hotels and unattended fuel pumps, do not know the final transaction amount when they request an authorization, so they estimate your purchase. The Card Alert will reflect the estimated amount of the purchase. The final amount removed from your account will be the actual amount of the transaction that you agreed to as recorded on your receipt.

Example of a Signature Alert:

Subject:  Transaction Made
Text:  Thank you for using your Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A.® Debit card.  A transaction was made in the amount of $[Dollar amount] via your card [Last four of card number].

Remove Funds Alerts
The remove funds alert is sent to you when a debit transaction on your debit/ATM card is recorded. The definition of a debit is any card transaction that decreases your account balance.

Items that will trigger this alert are:

  • Cash withdrawal at an ATM
  • Merchandise purchase where your PIN is used
  • Transfer from card to card, if available

Items that will NOT trigger this alert are (this is account activity, not card activity):

  • Cleared check
  • Withdrawal at the teller line
  • Debit or payment coming through ACH
  • Transfer from account to account

Example of a Remove Funds Alert:

Subject:  Funds Removed
Text:  Thank you for using your Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A.® Debit card.  Funds were removed in the amount of $[Dollar amount] via your card ending [Last four of card number].

Card Status Change Alerts
The card status change alert is available to help you mitigate risk if a card status change should occur.

Items that trigger this alert are:

  • When your card status is updated, below are the various card statues:
    • Active
    • Temporarily Suspended
    • Not Activated
    • Closed

Items that will NOT trigger this alert are:

  • Card status changed to Compromise

Example of Card Status Change Alert:

Subject:  Card Status Change
Text:  Your Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A.® Debit card has changed status.  If you have questions, please contact us at (708) 478-4447.

Additional Text Alerts
Card Alerts can also be sent to a mobile device as a text message. You do not need a downloadable application to receive Card Alerts as a text message. The short code for the bank is 58084. The following Card Alerts are sent automatically, or requested, in addition to the Card Alerts outlined above:

Command Code

The C command provides a list of valid command codes that can be used to receive the following:

B:  Balance information
H:  Transaction history
HE: Help
S: Disable Text Banking

WELCOME message

When you enroll in Debit/ATM Card Alerts, you will receive an automatic Welcome Message. Below is an example of the Welcome Message:

Short code 58084 for Old Plank Trail Community Bank, N.A.® is active.  Text HELP for support, STOP for cancel, C for commands.  Message and Data rates apply.

STOP message

To stop receiving Card Alerts via text messaging, you can contact the bank or send a stop request using your mobile device. Send STOP or S to 58084 to stop receiving text alerts. If there are multiple cards sending alerts to the same mobile device and you would like to stop just one of the cards from sending the alerts, please contact the bank. Below is an example of the response:

This message confirms your text services were stopped.  Contact: or (708) 478-4447

HELP message
To receive help on how to use text messaging with Card Alerts, text HELP or HE to 58084. Below is an example of the response:

Msg&data rates may apply.  Text STOP to cancel. Contact: or (708) 478-4447

BAL message

You can request your balance on demand by texting BAL or B to 58084. Below is an example of the response:

1. Debit *1234

Transaction History
To obtain the transaction history for a registered card, text H or HIST to 58084. When more than one registered card exists, enter H or HIST and the corresponding card number to request information about a specific card.  When more than three transactions exist request more information by texting M

Debit/ATM Card Alerts FAQ

What is a short code?

A short code acts like an address or phone number for text messages. You send your request to the short code to obtain a response to your request. The short code for our bank is 58084.

How do I put a short code into my cell phone?

Enter the short code the same way you would enter a phone number. Start with a new message and enter the short code in the 'to' field.

How do I save the short code in my cell phone?

Save the short code under the bank's name in your contact list and just grab it out of the contact list when you want to initiate an alert.

How do I enter the text 'bal' into my cell phone?

This depends on your phone. If you have a complex phone, an icon usually takes you to a screen for entering text messages. If you have a less complex phone, after addressing the message to the short code, enter 'bal' into the blank text box and hit send.

Why aren't my balance inquiries working?

Only the text 'bal' works. If you have a signature or icon that automatically adds to the outgoing message, a balance inquiry will not work until you remove the signature or icon. Double check your phone settings if you are not receiving a response to the 'bal' inquiry.

I only swiped my card once, but received notice of multiple transactions. What happened?

Most commonly, the machine where you swiped our card 'timed out' and sent a second request; or the clerk who swiped your card did so multiple times by mistake.

I did not give the waiter a 20% tip. Why does the transaction show that I did?

Many restaurants use a software package that automatically adds 20% to the meal for authorization purposes to insure there are enough funds in your account to leave the tip on the card if you choose. The actual amount on your receipt is what you will be charged.

Why is my hotel requesting more than the cost of the actual room I booked?

Hotels can add an additional 20% to the authorization request to cover possible incidentals you might charge to your room bill, like room service, a restaurant bill or beverages. The actual amount on your receipt upon checkout is what you will be charged.

Why is the gas station charging me $75.00 before I've even pumped the gas?

The gas station does not know how much gas you intend to purchase when you first use your card to pay at the pump. They estimate an amount, and then make an authorization request for this to insure that you have that much in our account before they allow you to pump gas. The actual amount of your receipt is what you will be charged.

I made a purchase online, but the alert didn't come through until hours later. Why?

Many mail order, telephone order and Internet merchants send their authorizations for all orders they receive periodically throughout the day. This may occur hours after you made the purchase.

How do I receive alerts on my savings account?

Currently alerts can only be setup and sent on your primary checking account. Secondary savings accounts cannot receive alerts.

What if I have to replace my card?

Alert preferences will not be lost when a card is reissued or replaced. Your preferences will be copied to the new card.

What happens when I text STOP to 58084?

The message will be recognized and all subsequent alerts will not be generated or delivered. If you would like to resume this service, you will need to re-register.

What if I need help?

Text HELP or HE to 58084. You will receive a response with a URL to this page.

What do I need to be eligible to activate Card Alerts?

You need to have a Debit or ATM Card and register for this service. You need to have an email address that you can access from a PC or mobile device. Or, a mobile device capable of accepting text messages. It is your responsibility to validate that there is an appropriate data or text messaging plan on the mobile device you plan to use in conjunction with this service. Cost for the data and text message plans are the responsibility of the customer.

Are there any mobile providers that do not support text message alerts?

Nearly all carriers support email or text alerts. Check with your carrier for additional information on data and text messaging plans. Cost for the data and text message plans are the responsibility of the customer.

Do I need to respond to any of these alerts?

Card Alerts are informational and are established to help you manage your account. You do not need to respond to the alerts. If you have any questions, contact (708) 478-4447

How do I know all text messages received are from my bank and not junk mail?

All text messages come from short code 58084.

Are alerts sent in real time or will there be delay in receiving them? If so, what is the delay?

Most Card Alerts are sent in real time but there may be a delay in some cases depending on how the merchant processes their transactions. There may also be delays at the carrier delivering the Card Alert to your mobile device or email address.

If I switch carriers or get a new phone, what process do I have to go through? Will I continue to receive the Card Alerts or will there be a break in service?

As long as you keep the same mobile phone number or email address, there will be no interruption of service. If either the mobile phone number or email address changes, you will need to contact the bank to update the settings otherwise service will be interrupted.

Effective 10/8/2016