How Telebank Works

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How Telebank Works

Using Telebank is easy.

  • Just dial (800) 747-8142 with a touch tone telephone, you will be connected to the main menu
  • Upon entering the personal account section of the system, you will be asked to enter your confidential personal identification number, or "PIN #"

Then you can obtain access to information on your accounts and perform various tasks like transfers and statement faxes

The following functions are available at any time while using TeleBank:

  • Use the (*) key to repeat a menu.
  • Press (9) to exit TeleBank at any time.Press (0) to reach a personal banking representative during normal banking hours.

    The Main Menu Options are as follows:

    1. Checking, Savings, Certificates of Deposit
         • Checking Account Information
         • Savings Account Information
         • Certificates of Deposit Information 
         • Determine if the bank should authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM/debit card transactions

    2. Transfer of Funds
         • Transfer between checking and savings accounts
         • Make payments to your line of credit or loan account

    3. Loan and Line of Credit account information
         • Payment information
         • Payoff information
         • Interest information
         • Escrow information
         • Original Loan information

    4. Branch Information

    5. Change your Personal Identification Number

    6. Verify Funds in Accounts

    7. Cardbase Services
         • Activate your card
         • Report lost or stolen card
         • MasterCard Secure Code Assistance
         • Change your personal identification number
         • Order a replacement for a damaged card
         • Card security tips